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SGA, has fashioned itself on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals {SDG} & works as an SDG Consultant with its active network of similar, synergistic and complementary organizations, which shares specialized infrastructure and services within itself, for the development of

Climate Resilient Sustainable Smart Cities.





Climate Change can no longer be viewed in isolation from business processes, functions or reporting channels, presenting both new challenges and opportunities for all professions and industry sectors. 


As you are aware, Climate change increases the likelihood of credit default, which in turn could jeopardize financial stability. Without reliable climate-related financial information, financial markets cannot price climate-related risks and opportunities correctly. Understanding—and owning—this risk requires knowing both the likelihood of high-loss years and the diversity of events that could produce such losses.

The current complexity and unpredictability of global markets have brought environment and climate matters to the forefront of trends affecting companies and capital markets.  Additionally, there is growing recognition that organizations need to consider whether environmental and climate-related matters are financially material, including the potential impacts from the risks and opportunities associated with climate change. 

It is the duty of corporate boards to safeguard the long-term viability of their business. All members of the board, both executives and non-executives, need to gain a better understanding of climate change and how it might impact their business.


There are four key features that characterize resilience:

•    Robustness: the ability to maintain critical operations and functions in the face of crisis. This includes the building itself, the design of the infrastructure (office buildings, power generation, distribution structures, bridges, dams, levees), or system redundancy and substitution (transportation, power grid, communications networks).

•    Resourcefulness: the ability to skillfully prepare for, respond to and manage a crisis or disruption as it unfolds. This includes identifying courses of action and business continuity planning; training; supply chain management; prioritizing actions to control and mitigate damage; and effectively communicating decisions.

•    Rapid recovery: the ability to return to and/or reconstitute normal operations as quickly and efficiently as possible after a disruption. Components of rapid recovery include carefully drafted contingency plans, competent emergency operations, and the means to get the right people and resources to the right places.

•    Redundancy: is proposed as another key feature, which means that there are backup resources to support the originals in case of failure that should also be considered when planning for resilience.

These four resilience features are simply called the 4Rs. Resilience is multidisciplinary and needs the cooperation of different disciplines for successful outcomes. Without multidisciplinary cooperation and contributions, there cannot be successful or efficient resilient infrastructure.

As Sandeep Goswami Associates is in the field of Sustainable Development Goals Consultancy, with special emphasis on Goals #9 {Industry & Innovation} and #11 {Smart Cities & Communities}. We wish to introduce our unique Climate Change consulting service, jointly provided with our Switzerland based Partner Meteoblue AG, {Considered amongst the world top 3 metrological institutions} & Denmark based Partner ESG Matters Ltd, {Headed by the Honorary Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission of the International Association for Pubilc Transport &  Providers (UITP) and the author of the UITP Climate Declaration for UN Climate Summit for COP 21 in Paris, 2015.}  which would enhance your business prospects & profits.

Climate Change as a Sustainability Service {CCaSS} offering incorporates cutting edge Geoscience Measurement & Reporting and Building Master Planning. Based on real-time and near accurate futuristic data, coupled with a good understanding of innovative building & construction technology & integrated energy efficiency management. We provide Sustainable solutions Advisory & Audit for New or Existing Buildings/Businesses & make them more Disaster Risk Resilient, [DRR] during extreme weather events, which have become much more regular. 


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Explore Hazards

SGA offers the best in Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation solutions to the World with its unparalleled human intelligence pool of Architect - Interior design - Structural - Civil - MEP; Environment Policy & Management Consulting, in one hand  & an internationally experienced team of Climatology, Meteorology & Remote Sensing on the other who work as a single cohesive team to explore if weather and climate represent a hazard to things you value.

Assess Vulnerability & Risks

We study the surroundings of new urban districts & developments to suburban & exurban campuses, centres & communities. Sustainability is an important focus — with equal concern for the socio-economic health of the community and for its environmental quality. When our assessment is complete, you can decide if you are ready to accept the risk that climate presents to your assets.

Investigate Options

Recognizing no distinction between design and the other elements of practice, the starting points of our Climate Change & Sustainability Solutions are goals, strategies & expectations, to create a new and better reality. At the end of our investigation, you’ll have a list of solutions stakeholders are willing to support and implement.

Prioritize & Plan

Successful buildings plans capture the spirit of their surroundings, even as they assert their own identity. They’re visually appealing, healthy, comfortable, flexible, secure, efficient but most importantly Climate-Resilient, a pleasure to be in. And they pay their way, adding real value to their owners and users. The result of our comprehensive exercise is to implement your favoured solutions as per your priorities.

Take Action

SGA is committed to designing Climate Resilient infrastructure & construction participating in the civic or public realm—buildings in the city or buildings in important public landscape settings. Its performance must be measured in human & organizational terms: higher productivity, greater creativity & innovation to help in Climate Abatement through Mitigation & Adaptation. As you move forward, we Monitor, Review/report and Verify/validate on your project.



SG Associates is a consortium of Energy Efficient Building & Technology Designers who are committed to implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through its unique style of similar, synergistic and complementary teamwork engaged in Sustainability & Innovation in the Building & Construction industry sector, with active channels that share specialized infrastructure and service. 

The Team specializes in offering Design & build services for Climate Resilient Smart Cities.  It also offers Evaluation & Auditing for Smart City or Building projects in order to bring consistency, standardization, and innovation to the solutions being deliberated, planned and implemented within & across a typical Smart City or an independent building.   

SGAssociates has at its core members who have driven several projects in India with their professional services having impacted nearly 2 billion square feet of smart & sustainable buildings & infrastructure - in public & private sector spaces, over the last several years. We have the unique competitive strength for innovation in Building Design & Construction and provide Consultation to enhance the Environmental, Social and Governance credentials of a company are which are key factors determining its success and growth. The team consists of Climate & Geoscience experts, Urban Design & Construction experts; Project Management experts; Strategic management, Debt & Equity management, Business plan & Financial flow chart experts. Its objective is to bring the industry & global best practices for the emerging smart city projects in India & abroad.

To build capacity within itself for a complete Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation solutions and measures, it has created several cross-sectoral partnerships in Switzerland, Denmark, United States of America & as well as involving itself in cutting edge products to provide a complete and comprehensive solution to its vision of the SDG. Particularly Goals 9 &11



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