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SGA, also known as Sustainable Goal Advisors, has fashioned itself on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals {SDG} and works as an SDG Consultant for the design development of

Climate Resilient & Sustainable Urban Systems.

Fountain Head-II, a Sustainable Architecture and Interior Design company in partnership with Meteoblue AG, the meteorology company of Switzerland and ESG Matters ApS of Denmark, a Sustainability Management Consulting firm, which has contributed to the Inter-governmental Panel for Climate Change [IPCC] created Sandeep Goswami Associates [SGA]. To offer a unique service – Climate Science as a Sustainability Service. [CSaSS]


SGA offers CSaSS for Climate Change Related Risk Management and Mitigation & Adaptation solutions, through real-time and future analysis along with implementation solutions & and services consultancy.


SGA's CSaSS - is a 3-in-1 tool, which can be utilized both by the Government (Regulators) and Businesses alike.


A] Corporates can understand and utilize the tool in the following manner –

1. CRA - Climate Risk Assessment identifies the various hazards that could be a Risk to their Asset, Supply Chain or Investment.

2. DRRD - Disaster Risk Resilient Design provides the specific solutions guidelines to Adapt or Mitigate such Risks & finally,

3. ESG - using any internationally recognized Sustainability Account tools such as; GRI, TCFD, BRSR et al; to Monitor - Verify - Report on the solutions undertaken. Thereby helping in achieving Sustainable Finance.

This provides the ability to take a comprehensive, global view and can give insurers and reinsurers greater confidence that the risk they have assumed is a risk they can afford to take. Which makes the Business/ Entity conducive to Investors' and Regulators' approval.

B] Regulators would find that –

The purpose of the CSaSS tool is to create the connections between biodiversity loss and climate change and propose potential solutions for addressing them as interconnected problems.

1. CRA - measures the Climate change arising from human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, including the loss of biomass and biodiversity.

2. ESG- Using the 4 RCPs to find the correct solutions that exist with co-benefits across sectors, such as Climate, Biodiversity, and Societal challenges and suggesting the best RCP methodology to be used. And then measure the solution.

3. DRRD - Coordinated efforts among applied Science Based Targets {SBT} and Policy to identify and help navigate the development pathways toward Climate resilience.


Therefore, we propose to consider CSaSS as a singular tool, which when used would give the pathway one needs to follow to reach net Zero!






Urban Planning
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Explore Hazards

SGA offers the best in Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation solutions to the World with its unparalleled human intelligence pool of Architect - Interior design - Structural - Civil - MEP; Environment Policy & Management Consulting, in one hand  & an internationally experienced team of Climatology, Meteorology & Remote Sensing on the other who work as a single cohesive team to explore if weather and climate represent a hazard to things you value.

Assess Vulnerability & Risks

We study the surroundings of new urban districts & developments to suburban & exurban campuses, centres & communities. Sustainability is an important focus — with equal concern for the socio-economic health of the community and for its environmental quality. When our assessment is complete, you can decide if you are ready to accept the risk that climate presents to your assets.

Investigate Options

Recognizing no distinction between design and the other elements of practice, the starting points of our Climate Change & Sustainability Solutions are goals, strategies & expectations, to create a new and better reality. At the end of our investigation, you’ll have a list of solutions stakeholders are willing to support and implement.

Prioritize & Plan

Successful buildings plans capture the spirit of their surroundings, even as they assert their own identity. They’re visually appealing, healthy, comfortable, flexible, secure, efficient but most importantly Climate-Resilient, a pleasure to be in. And they pay their way, adding real value to their owners and users. The result of our comprehensive exercise is to implement your favoured solutions as per your priorities. While keeping your assets and you Disiaster Risk Resilent. 

Take Action

SGA is committed to designing Climate Resilient infrastructure & construction participating in the civic or public realm—buildings in the city or buildings in important public landscape settings. Its performance must be measured in human & organizational terms: higher productivity, greater creativity & innovation to help in Climate Abatement through Mitigation & Adaptation. Thus fully comply to the Enviromental Social & Governance creteria.  As you move forward, we Monitor, Review/report and Verify/validate on your project.

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CSaSS solution incorporates cutting edge Geoscience Measurement & ESG Reporting and incorporates it into the  City [Building] Master Planning and/ or Business Supply chain. To provide advance warning to its users. It’s based on real-time & near accurate futuristic data, coupled with a good understanding of innovative Building & Construction technology &  integrated Energy Efficiency management.

Using CSaSS services a Business or Institution readies itself of the probabilities of Climate Risk, applies the correct Disaster Resilient Risk Design solutions and then gets the end result Certified via the ESG matrix. 

Process flow  of  CCMA – DRR via CSaSS: [details to be shared on request]

Explore Hazards:                         Climate; Geological; Spatial​

Assess Vulnerability & Risks:    Hydrometric; Temperature; Atmospheric; Geological; Cosmic​

Investigate Options:                    Wind Shear & Seismic Modelling; Flood Simulations; Wild Fire Analysis; Load & Materials Analyis

Prioritize & Plan:                         Carbon Management Services; Environment & Sustainability; Nature Based Solutions; Sustainability

Take Action:                                  Consulting Design via – Adaptive Architecture Simulations; Climate Change Scenarios, Reference Measurements;  

Accuracy of Assessment

•  Regional   - Macroscale   100  x 100 km   

•  District     -  Mesoscale        10 x 10   km                

•  Local        - Microscale         1 x 1      km

•  Proximity -  Mini-scale         0.1 x 0.1   km


Future Scenarios in decadal format [5; 10; 25; 50; years] Zonal Risk Corridors; Risk Corridors on clients asset. 

When applied to the target sector, accurate prediction of climate change will:

1. Define the scope of changes to be expected;Enable calculation of change impact on investment and operations;


2. Allow evaluation of different Mitigation & Adaptation Strategies for Building, Infrastructure and Operations;


3. Substantially improve the long-term ROI of the investments, and reduce risks of damages and failures.

This approach will make investments substantially more profitable and less risky than “business as usual”, as it provides Climate Risk Impact Design & Analysis for 5-50 years ahead into the future. 

Thus, CSaSS helps in leap-frogging the problems raised by Climate Change and helping one achieve “more with less”.

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels
Residential Buildings with Solar Panels



Dr. Karl G. Gutbrod is CEO of Meteoblue, a Switzerland based is a meteorological service created at the University of Basel, Switzerland. He came to Meteoblue with 25 years of experience in international agri-business, as project and unit leader in development, product management, marketing, business development and information services. Karl has worked for GTZ, DED, Ciba, Novartis and Syngenta, including jobs in Germany, Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Thailand, and China. Karl holds a PhD in agronomy from the University of Göttingen. Karl also teaches Business courses at the University of Cooperative Education in Lörrach.


Sandeep Goswami is CEO of Sandeep Goswami Associates & a Certified Climate Science & Policy Professional, from the World Bank Institute of Global Environmental Strategies - Tokyo Development Learning Centre & Building Sustainability from TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi. Certified Taskforce for Climate-related  Financial Discloser Analyst  by Climate Discloser Standards Board. Bachelor of Science (Biology). Signatory with United Nations Global Compact & Member to World Economic Forum Strategic Intelligence – Digital Forum; 

Founder – Fountain Head-II, Architect & Interior Designers & many others.


Dr. Glenn Frommer is the M.D of ESG Matters ApS. He holds a PhD in Aerospace Sciences, is a Fellow of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration. the Honorary Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission of the International Association of Public Transport, he is also a Member of the Accountability AA1000 Standards Board & has helped draft the Paris Climate Agreement, GRI G3.1 and G4 guidelines. He has also worked on the development of the Accountability AA1000AS standard, BSI- 8900 for sustainability management systems and the ISO -26000 standard for Corporate Social Responsibility.

LDD [Construction]


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The combined list of projects done by the three principal partners in offering Climate Science as a Sustainability Service. CSaSS includes, Climate Risk Assessment [CRA], Disaster Resilient Resilient Designs [DRRD] and Environment Social & Governance [ESG] consulting.                                            Client list indicates joint capability statement.
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Mail & Visit - Office

Bungalow 72/B, Ground floor, Kamgar Nagar CHS, 
off S.G.Barve Marg, 
Kurla, Mumbai, 400024


SGA has a Work From Home Policy. For any physical meetings, please seek a prior appointment.

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, kindly write to us.




Greifengasse 38 (4th floor)

CH-4058, Basel.

{Meteoblue - SGA}


F-1 Anand Ashram CHS

Procter Road, Mumbai -4

{Registered Office}


Webersgade 8, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

{ESG Matter – SGA}

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