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About Us

Fountain Head-II, a Sustainable Architecture and Interior Design company in partnership with Meteoblue AG, the meteorology company of Switzerland and ESG Matters ApS of Denmark, a Sustainability Management Consulting firm, which has contributed to the Inter-governmental Panel for Climate Change [IPCC] created Sandeep Goswami Associates [SGA].


SGA (Sandeep Goswami Associates) is a forward-thinking consortium of Energy Efficient Building & Technology Designers, deeply committed to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), particularly focusing on Goal 9 - Industry & Innovation and Goal 11 - Smart Cities and Communities. As specialists in sustainability and innovation within the building and construction industry, we are dedicated to crafting climate-resilient and sustainable urban environments that stand the test of time and climate variability.



SGA envisions a future where sustainable and resilient urban environments prevail, mitigating the impacts of climate change through innovative solutions. Our vision is to lead in the creation of disaster-resilient towns and infrastructure, climate-proofing significant projects like Bharatmala & Sagarmala, and aligning development plans with climate change mitigation and adaptation goals. We aim to establish climate-resilient, integrated, sustainable smart cities that align with national climate goals and promote environmentally friendly lifestyles.


Our mission at SGA is to address the urgent need for mitigation and adaptation solutions to combat the threats posed by human actions on plant and animal species and the economic dependence on nature. We emphasize the importance of taking proactive measures to prevent species extinction and protect the environment for future generations. Our focus extends to resilience building, risk management, and disaster-resilient town and infrastructure planning in response to climate change and natural disasters. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices, creating climate-resilient cities, and aligning with national and international goals for environmental protection and sustainability.

Our Services

Nature Reserve


(Climate Science
Sustainability Service)

  • CRA (Climate Risk Assessment)

  • DRRD (Disaster Resilient Risk Design)

  • ESG (Environment Social Governance)



(Climate Resilient Integrated Sustainable and Smart City)

To Design & help develop Climate Resilient Cities in extreme Climate Change affected regions. To achieve this, several key elements need to be put into place, which are universally accepted.

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Architecture, Green Building and
Interior Design

Having designed 20 Lakh square feet of Net Zero Climate Resilient Mixed- Use buildings; 20 Lakh plus square feet of Green Building design and several marque interiors, SGA is confident that it is the only..



Environmental Engineering,
Sustainable Materials,
Research & Development

Environmental Engineering:

Consultancy in GHG Protocol, ESG - BRSR, CDP, GRI & SDG; Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Air Monitoring, Design and Consultancy. 

Sustainable Materials: 

In-house research & designed


Boats in the Water

Our Projects


Pipeline Projects of SGA:


  1. A Logistics Park spread over 35 Acres  - 150000 square meters of Mixed-use CSaSS project -Mumbai

  2.  A redevelopment of the factory spread over 2 acres - 148000 square metersIGBC Existing Building project -Mumbai

  3. A Bulk Handling Terminal at the sea-port of Mumbai - ESG project: GHG Protocol assessment for 2 textile factories – Maharashtra 

Our Clients


The combined list of projects done by the three principal partners in offering Climate Science as a Sustainability Service. CSaSS includes, Climate Risk Assessment [CRA], Disaster Resilient Resilient Designs [DRRD] and Environment Social & Governance [ESG] consulting. 

Client list indicates joint capability statement.

One of the most unique and extremely important service that SGA brings to the table, that is City Climate and Real-time Weather Monitoring.

Other than providing the CSaSS and CRISC Services, our City Climate helps in creating Resilient Cities as envisaged by the United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction. And helps in Smart Cities Programs.

Through this we can accurately measure wind speed changes, hydrometry changes, temperature changes, flood and cyclone risks. Within a 1 sqkm grid.

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